settlement (2010)



Cornelia has responded to the natural landscape and architectural heritage in her work „Settlement“.

The ruin of a small house is located in the meadow next to the road. With its simple, symmetric outline, the broad windows and the smooth rendered surface of the lower part this building is reflecting an average contemporary house, but the rendering blends into a natural stone wall, which becomes more and more rough and weathered towards the top. The work has a dream-like, surreal quality, and as you encounter the delicate balance of stones which seemingly floating towards the upper part of the building  you begin to wonder whether these are falling through decay or magically flying up into the air of their own propulsion.

Sally O‘Leary, Arts Officer, South Tipperary County Council


My idea was to create an ambivalence between a contemporary building and an ancient ruin. The concept reflects the long history of settlement in this region — the traces and relics the settlers have left in the landscape during thousands of years. Furthermore it brings into sight the fact that all our recent constructions, values and properties will once again be mysterious fragments of a forgotten past in future years.

Cornelia Konrads


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